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Ataman Kizilirmak is a Turkish-German Filmmaker who lived and grew up in both the countries. He was introduced to music and arts in an early age and knew that he wanted to be a filmmaker at the age of 8. After highschool, he spent three years studying film in Paris, France where he got his Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2016. During film school he has worked in many student short films where he worked in many different departments collecting knowledge and gaining experience. He managed to be prove his competence in many film departments including, assistant camera, lights, directorial department, production department and the editorial departments.


After film school he moved to Hamburg, Germany  working in medium budget corporate filmmaking with the Agency “Agentur Blickkraft”. In 2017 he moved to London for the first time and worked in low budget videography jobs in order to develop his eye furthermore. After a year, in an attempt to further his knowledge in business administration he worked in Sales and Marketing for "Oxem Germany". Later on, in 2018 he moved to Istanbul, Turkey and worked in TV commercials, online advertisements and photography shoots. In the summer of 2019, to master his abilities as a scuba diver, he has decided to spend six months in a tiny island off of Malta, as a diving instructor.


Due to his versatile abilities as a filmmaker he has moreover proved himself to be an essential and useful part of a film set. Because of this experience and his hard working personality he is able to work in diverse parts of filmmaking and photography. Have it be commercials, music videos or short films. Currently he is back in London, following his passion in the field that is cinema.

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